XC Vario Variometer 2020&2021 bidirectional FLARM cable


Already included in the XC Vario 2021 version!


  • Connect FLARM and speed-to-fly to the variometer via RJ45 (switch not included)
  • Measure ambient temperature


  • FLARM cable

The XCVario can be connected to the on-board network with this cable and to a FLARM with RJ45 standard IGC assignment e.g. Classic FLARM, Power FLARM, has a temperature sensor and an input for the speed-to-fly switch. The FLARM can be read out with this cable Both RX and TX are wired, therefore the second serial interface is provided bi-directionally for further devices such as OpenVario.

The 2021 version variometer is completely compatible with the FLARM cable. The cable is also compatible with the 2020 version, but it isn’t possible to connect a second device. Downloading the flight over this cable is possible with the 2020 variometer.


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