XC Vario Variometer 2020 including bidirectional Flarm cable



  • Bar or round variometer visualisation
  • MacCready-indicator
  • Altitude indicator
  • Indicated and true airspeed indicator
  • Adjustable units (metric, imperial, flight levels)
  • Built-in 2 Watt speaker
  • one serial ports for connection with FLARM, radio or other instruments
  • Bluetooth, WiFi or serial RS323 connection with XCSoar software
  • Out-of-the box library with more than 100 polars
  • Optimal spoiler setting display
  • Stall warning
  • FLARM warning


  • Variometer unit
  • FLARM and variometer connection cables
    • Connect FLARM and speed-to-fly to the variometer via RJ45  and  2 wires (switch not included)
  • Preinstalled and preconfigured software, Plug and Play

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