Flap sensor + 3M cable


  • Lifespan 100,000 cycles
  • Plug and Play with RJ45 connector
  • Accepts 12V from XCVario version 2021 and higher
  • Includes voltage stabilisation and OpAmp for linearisation independent of load
  • Thread 10mm, potentiomenter Shaft 6mm diameter and 13 mm long
  • Rotation angle 270 degree, already starting 45 degree twist applied is okay
  • 3m Shielded LAN cable CAT6 included,

Availability: 7 in stock (can be backordered)


Spoiler sensor with high quality potentiometer that connects directly to the XCVario 2021 version. Can be connected with a standard RJ45 Cat5 patch cable. The connection with the spoiler linkage depends on the type of aircraft. Suggestion for assembly using ball joint rods including parts list can be found in the manual here(🇩🇪).

Weight 0,015 kg
Dimensions 5,1 × 2 × 3,6 cm


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