Flap sensor + 3M cable


XCVario Flap-Sensor

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Spoiler sensor for XCVario with high quality potentiometer that connects directly to the XCVario 2021 version.

  • Can be connected with a standard RJ45 Cat5 patch cable to S2 Interface (or to S2 Extender to port labled WK-Sensor)
  • The connection with the spoiler linkage depends on the type of aircraft
  • Suggestion for assembly using ball joint rods including parts list can be found in the manual here(🇩🇪)
  • Lifespan 100,000 cycles
  • Plug and Play with RJ45 connector
  • Accepts 12V from XCVario version 2021 and higher
  • Includes voltage stabilisation and OpAmp for linearisation
  • Thread 10mm, potentiomenter
  • Shaft 6mm diameter and 13 mm long
  • Rotation angle 270 degree, already starting 45 degree twist applied is okay
  • 3m Shielded LAN cable CAT6 included
Weight 0,015 kg
Dimensions 5,1 × 2 × 3,6 cm


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