Technical Specification

Power supply8-28 V DC
Voltage recommended10-18 V DC
Current consumption at 12.5V typical70 mA = 0.9 Watt (idle)
100 mA =1.2W (Wireless connected)
120 mA =1.5W (XCV-23, heating on)
250 mA = 2.5W (max Volume)
Bluetooth StandardV4.2, EDF, classic Bluetooth
WiFi Standard802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi MAC Protokoll
Variometer range+- 1m/s bis +-30m/s
Baro and TE pressure sensor resolution0,01 hPa (0,1 m)
Baro sensor relative accuracy0,12 hPa (1 m)
Baro sensor absolute accuracy1 hPa (8 m)
Barometer range0-9.000 m calibrated until 16.000 m uncalibrated
Dynamic pressure sensor accuracy at 100 km/h1 km/h
Dynamic pressure sensor area10 – 280 km/h
Temperature sensor area-10..85 °C
Temperature sensor accuracy+-0.5 °C
Case dimensions (width x height x depth)64x68x35 mm (5) 80x80x35 mm (8)
Section in the instrument panel57 mm (5) 80 mm (8)
Electrical connection2x RJ45 Main socket 8 pin
RJ45 / RS232 Interface S1RS232 RX/TX (TTL level 3.3V)
RJ45 / RS232 Interface S2 (IGC Standard)RS232 RX/TX, CAN Bus, Analog In 0..1V
RJ45/ OneWire InterfaceOneWire bus interface for temperature sensor with 3.3V power supply (470 ohm series resistor for short-circuit protection)
CAN Interface (2)250 kBit..1MBit CAN Bus
USB InterfaceMicro USB-B
Audio output2 watt power (3)
3.5 mm stereo jack switched, disables internal speaker
Pneumatic connectionsThree 6 mm nipples for PVC hose 8×1.5 mm (5 mm inner diameter)
Weight165 g (5) 235 g (8)

(1) From 2021 series hardware

(2) From series 2021/3 (October 21)

(3) 2020 series with 1.2 W power

(5) 57mm Modell

(8) 80mm Modell

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