The operation of the XCVario is very simple and intuitive, and takes place via a rotary knob (rotary) with button function (push and turn), an optional additional switch or button (configurable) for Vario or speed command mode, and via the on-off switch. The following description applies to the default setting, the function of the rotary can be set, more on this in the chapter on setup.
After switching on on the ground, the QNH must first be set on the rotary knob, or confirmed if the elevation (height of the airfield) is configured. After pressing the rotary knob, the display and the data transmission of the device go into operation. Turning it to the left decreases the volume, while turning it to the right increases it.
During operation, the menu for the parameters such as MC value, ballast, polar and more is started after pressing a button (push).
A simple push takes you to the top point of the setup [<<Setup], which offers a return from the setup without turning, i.e. scrolling in the menu. Another push without scrolling switches back and forth between setup and normal operation. In the setup menu there is a help text for almost all functions so that the correct settings can be found quickly even with little practice.
By turning the rotary to the right, corresponding to “scroll down”, or to the left for “scroll up”, the individual sub-items are selected in the setup.

Most of the items in the setup menu return to the top item of the previous level, allowing multiple settings to be made without exiting the menu entirely.
The setup menu is nested, you can descend further into the individual items by pressing a button (push), the top item returns to the previous menu.
All setting values can be decreased by turning to the left and increased by turning to the right.
If you want to save the value, you can acknowledge this with a simple push, the saving is confirmed and you return from the dialog.
Dialogs for parameters that are usually set separately, such as the MC value, return directly to the vario display. This saves you having to press another button to exit the setup.

The XCVario can also be remotely controlled via software commands, supported is rotary operation such as short or long press to change the screen, for example, or to go to the setup, scrolling (up/down) for the menu navigation, as well as some shortcuts for changes in volume or MacCready value.

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