Battery Setup

The voltages are preset for a lead-acid battery. For other battery types, adjust according to the manufacturer’s data sheet. In the case of voltages below the “Battery Red” value, the battery display also flashes.

Battery Low #

11.50 Volt

Setting the voltage for empty battery when display shows 0% or empty, charge indicator full black

Battery Red #

11.75 Volt

Setting the voltage for battery alarm red or display 0-10%, remaining charge flashing red

Battery Yellow #

12.00 Volt

Setting der voltage for battery alarm yellow or display 10-20%, charge indicator yellow

Battery Full #

12.80 Volt

Setting the voltage for battery full or display 20-100%, charge indicator green

Battery Display #

[Voltage Big]

The type of display can be modified under this menu item. The battery value can be displayed as a percentage [Percentage] or as a voltage [Voltage] with one decimal place, e.g. 12.5V. [Voltage Big] shows the value in volts without the battery symbol with just a larger, easier-to-read number.

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