• Airliner-style bar display or retro-style pointer display
  • TE variometer with optimized Kalman filter, adjustable range and damping
  • Barometric altimeter with QNH setting or QNH autosetup (airfield altitude as default)
  • Speed display (IAS or TAS) with speed command (S2F)
  • Adjustable wing loading and MacCready value
  • Built-in speaker with volume control, power 3 watts
  • Sound individually configurable (height, chopping, dual tone, deadband
  • Flaps display with optimal position according to ballast, airspeed and the load factor
  • Extensive polar library with over 100 common polars
  • Polar can be modified later
  • Digital compass with external magnetic sensor (21 series)
  • Wind calculation in circular flight and with compass also straight flight (TAWK method, in development)
  • MacCready, ballast and bugs setting option
  • stall warning
  • Outside temperature display with external sensor
  • Battery charge status display, voltages configurable
  • Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 (classic BT) or standard WLAN access point for external devices
  • 2x RS232 TTL interfaces, S1 with standard cable in IGC standard, S2 socket in IGC standard
  • High accuracy barometric altimeter
  • Sunlight readable, bright and high-contrast 2.4 inch IPS display with 57 mm diagonal
  • Switch input for vario/set speed changeover (switch or button adjustable)
  • Simple setup menu using rotary switch with push and turn function
  • Light and small device avail for standard 57 mm instrument cut-outs, housing depth only 35 mm
  • Elegant and robust CNC milled mat black anodized aluminum housing (shielding, low EMI)
  • Software update via WiFi ‘Over The Air’ (OTA) when installed for new feature
  • Analog input for flap display
  • As an alternative to the flap display, landing gear warning via the same input
  • Full FLARM Bridge for task declaration in IGC Flarm, flight download and FLARM setup

From the 2021 series, the following 3 new hardware features have been added:

  • Audio power now 2 watts, better sound at high volumes
  • Second serial RS232 TTL interface S2, IGC standard assignment and DTE and DCE support (RX/TX pins exchangeable via software)
  • Input e.g. for a flap sensor or an undercarriage warning
  • Optional feature: Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS): 6-axis direction and attitude sensor with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer

From series 2022:

  • In addition, a CAN bus interface on S2 for connecting a second two seater device, a CAN magnet sensor (from October 2022), as well as future extensions.

From series 2023:

  • Temperature control for the AHRS chip for improved long-term stability

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