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Logging #

[Sensor Raw Data]

Default is [Disable]. The Option [Sensor Raw Data] enables beside normal NMEA protocol dataset’s the output all sensors data together with timestamps in a format as below. The data can be logged in XCSoar using NMEA Logger together with any other NMEA data that is sent or logged by the device.

Example: $SENS;91532;954;975.8;975.8;0.0;25.6;0.141;-0.049;0.988;0.000;0.000;0.000,-1858;3188;6466

The format is:
<timestamp ms since start>;
<time since last GPGGA fix received>;
<BApressure in hPa>;
<TEpressure in hPa>;
<PIpressure in Pa>;
<OAT in °C>;
<AccelX in g>;<AccelY>;<AccelZ>;
<GyroX in °/s>;<GyroY>;<GyroZ>
[;<MagX in Gauss*8192>;<MagY>; <MagZ>] \n

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